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About Us


Humber Design Group, Inc. was founded in 2014 by a team of individuals that have a track record of working together dating back to 2000. We’re no strangers to each other, or to civil engineering. With strong relationships in place and a knowledge base for some that has grown daily for 25+ years, we consider ourselves both seasoned professionals as well as talented up and comers.


Humber Design Group specializes in the civil engineering and re-engineering of sites for all types and sizes of projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our specialty is Urban Civil Engineering – working within the fabric of a built environment, and working in highly urbanized environments. Because of our extensive experience in this area and the knowledge that comes with it, we can help keep projects in the urban setting on track.  Of course, Humber Design Group works on undeveloped land as well, taking our clients projects from concept to completion across a wide variety of sectors including residential, commercial, transportation, education, and more.

City of Portland Public Works Permitting

HDG specializes in Urban Civil Engineering – defined as working within an existing environment of structures and infrastructure – specifically in Portland.  This type of engineering comes with tough challenges, but that’s what sets us apart.  HDG’s team has the experience to assess as-built documents and properties and determine how to best craft creative and efficient solutions for placing new projects within or adjacent to existing infrastructure and development.  This expertise has led to HDG’s involvement in and, subsequently, extensive experience working with the City of Portland and with public works permitting through the City of Portland.  We are currently processing more than 70 public works permits through the City of Portland.   In addition to our hands-on technical experience, we maintain our knowledge and familiarity with the City’s permitting and processes by actively participating in City committees, building relationships and knowledge to continually work in partnership instead of as an adversary with the City, and maintaining open lines of communication that often include a quick sit down meeting to work through an issue.


Our goal at Humber Design Group is to turn our clients’ challenges into opportunities. We believe our work needs to be both innovative and meaningful so that we can bring value to the communities we live and work in, as well as the world around us. We also understand that this is a relationship-based industry and take great pride in providing excellent customer service throughout all stages of a project. As a result of this, we enjoy a very high level of client retention.

Humber Design Group is a certified Emerging Small Business (ESB certification #10150; COBID certified) and is located in the Central Eastside Industrial District in Portland, Oregon.