Jenai Fitzpatrick

Senior Project Designer
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A Senior Project Designer at Humber Design Group, Jenai’s expertise is design utilizing visualization and computer software.  She works directly with clients and team members to design projects including complete site layout, public road improvements and utility design, grading, cost estimating, and collaborating with clients and agencies to achieve efficient site design and permitting processing.  Her diverse background and experience in the development industry have allowed Jenai to view the design work that she does through many facets.  Whether operating a jackhammer and tying rebar while in college or doing daily construction inspections on-site where her desk was the bucket of an excavator or the convenient hood of a car, Jenai has been engrossed in the construction world and has enjoyed learning from every angle in the creation of a “place.”  She has been involved specifically in civil engineering in a multitude of ways for nearly two decades.

Jenai received her Associates in Drafting Technology from Clackamas Community College and her BS in Geography and GIS from Portland State University.