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Our Approach

Strategic Thinkers

At HDG, teamwork is an integral part of our approach in working with clients, jurisdictions, other design and construction team members, and each other.  We put our pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else, and we think that is a good enough reason to be a team player with a team attitude.  It’s more productive and more fun.  We are easy to work with, strategic thinkers, and collaborative in our efforts.  For us, things aren’t just black and white, and it’s not just an engineering job.  We look at projects as a holistic effort that takes input from all involved parties.  While civil engineering design isn’t always a brand new idea, we understand that strategy and the creative application of ideas all need to come together to create solutions that fit the plan and address client needs.  We are good at bringing it all together, explaining the civil engineering and permitting process to others, and determining whether something is feasible based on jurisdictional requirements.  We partner with cities and other jurisdictions to help you understand the process and know the right questions to ask.  We bring early knowledge about jurisdictional requirements to help with budgeting as well.  Of course, unknown underground elements will come up from time to time regardless of upfront research and knowledge.  When this happens, we pride ourselves in responding in a timely manner, providing pertinent information, and helping solve problems.

Team Players

At Humber Design we work with all kinds of clients, from architects and developers to owners and public agencies.  Our sweet spot is working as a consultant on an architecturally led team.  Since we primarily work as civil engineering consultants, we are by nature very collaborative and team-oriented in our approach.  We are known as a civil engineering firm that can get things done, working in tandem instead of as an adversary with jurisdictions and other team members to achieve client objectives.  We have very strong knowledge of work within jurisdictions and have strong relationships in place with public entities involved in the development process as well.  We’ve found these relationships to be invaluable in achieving positive outcomes.

Quality Driven

While a healthy approach is important and makes a significant difference in functional and effective teams as well as successful projects, the quality of our civil engineering work is also important.  We work hard to stay ahead in tools and knowledge, providing sound technical advice and clean design documents, and limiting errors.  We are aware of the things that are important to building and site design and are focused on our client’s success, offering sage advice toward best, not just easy solutions.  We are focused on meeting deadlines and are competitive from a cost standpoint.